Radically simplified E2E Testing for web applications

End-to-end testing is as easy as navigating through your app like a user would.
No more code, no more hassle.

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Easy to use

Testkit does all the hard work for you in the background. There is no need for any technical experience to record and run tests.


Handling drag-and-drop? Uploading files?
Worry no more! Everything is being handled by Testkit for you. No code is needed.

Fast and secure

Get your test results faster through parallelized processes running on our secure cloud servers.

Supports all major browsers

Sometimes we forget about other browsers. Testkit doesn't.
Truly native browsers, no workarounds. Deliver perfect web applications.

Remember the old way?

Writing endless code, guessing selectors and outcomes...

Meet Testkit!

No code, just use your application like a user would and Testkit handles the rest for you!

How it works

We work hard to make Testkit as easy to use as possible.
Not only is it no-code, but also it doesn't need any expertise to get started!

Record your test

Use our browser extension to record your tests just by using the application like a normal user.
You don't need any programming skills!

Navigate through your application

Sign in to your application, drag and drop some things around, add and delete stuff and record a complete end to end test while doing so.

Automated Tests

End up with automated tests, connect to your git repository and run tests automatically on new pull requests - even with dynamic environments.

And there's more!

Our goal is to make your end-to-end and visual regression testing as easy as possible.
Save time and resources while making sure everything works as expected for your users.

These are just a few of our features made to make your application work as expected with minimum effort.


Integrate Testkit seamlessly into your current workflow with integrations for GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Jira and more!


You can create and join multiple organizations and projects and set up roles and permissions yourself.

Test Everywhere

Let Testkit run your tests on multiple browsers, devices and operating systems with different viewports.

DevTools Snapshot

Don't miss out on anything - your console logs and requests are captured and you'll be notified if there are errors.

Email Testing

Sending out emails on certain occasions?
Testkit captures them and even lets you click in your email.

Flakiness Detection

Testkit detects flakiness and gives you methods to reduce or even eliminate flakiness in your tests altogether

Become an early adopter!

Save time, nerves and money by using Testkit for your end-to-end and visual regression testing needs.

To become an early adopter, we need some information from you. We will get back to you as soon as we have an open spot for you!


Any questions left?

We would be happy to hear from you and answer all your questions,
just write us an email at support@testkit.app.