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Create tests that fix themselves, without using any code

Use our browser extension to record entire tests in seconds, run them in the Testkit dashboard or your CI pipeline, and see how Testkit automagically fixes tests for you when they break.

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Screenshot of a test in the Testkit Dashboard
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With Testkit, we were able to set up tests for all important user flows in just a few minutes. The integration with GitHub is ingenious because it allows us to start the tests automatically after each deployment.
Oliver Wagner, visualposts

One click to test

Creating complex end-to-end tests is as simple as clicking a button in our chrome extension. Testkit will record your interactions and transform them into perfect end-to-end tests without any code.

Grain Effect Testkit Recorder Screenshot
Grain Effect

Debugging at your fingertips

You can run your tests across multiple browsers and get debugging features like screenshots, console and network logs, and even DOM inspection.

Test in the browser

Record tests with our browser extension or create them manually in the Testkit dashboard, all without switching tools.

Self-healing tests

Testkit tries to fix broken tests automatically and will notify you about the changes, so you can focus on development.

Synced with your team

The dashboard is the single source of truth for your tests, with all test runs and results accessible for the whole development team.

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We're working on massively reducing the time spent creating, running and maintaining end-to-end tests for web applications.

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