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Private Beta Update 3 - Assertions, Logs, and Stability 🛠

Private Beta Update 3

The past two weeks I've been focusing on rolling out assertions and improving the stability of Testkit 👇


Assertions made it into production - they are currently in beta as only text and value assertions are available - this will be expanded in the future! If an assertion is not successful right away, it will be retried for 10 seconds before the step is marked as failed. You will be able to adjust the timeout in the future as well!

Console Logs

Creating and running tests is already very easy with Testkit - but debugging tests is also a use case that is super important. We already have screenshots of the steps and DOM inspection which already helps - now we also capture the console logs during test runs. The button to show console logs is usually black, unless a console error has been captured - in this case you will see the button becoming red to indicate that there has been an error during the test run. In the future, we will also implement network logs to further help with debugging!


I have been focusing on improving Testkit's stability as well by fixing some small bugs and improving error and failure handling, as well as updating the infrastructure and deployment process. This way, Testkit runs way smoother, and your tests are less prone to flakiness and other unnecessary errors.

Further UX updates

A lot of views are now easier to reach. A few of these examples are:

  • Test Cases - you can now add them to existing test suites or create a new test suite with this test right within the test view, without clicking around too much!
  • Used the wrong selector or value for a step, but you only noticed after the test has run? There's direct links to each test case within the test suite run.
  • The UI feels more reactive in general, mainly through the use of WebSockets GIF showing live updates on the test run status as soon as you click on "Run Test Suite"

Next up 🛠

I am currently preparing the public beta for Testkit. I don't have a specific date yet, but the todos are already set and I don't think it will take more than a month.

The Testkit main application now runs really well - and even the recorder is extremly stable, but it can be made even better. I don't want to say too much yet, but it will be awesome! If you want to become a Testkit user early on, join the waitlist!

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